Shades For Days X Beautyclick

Getting the right lipstick shade depending on your personal preference is a journey of all sorts,one that requires a lot of swatches.Sometimes it doesn’t go well because you can end up purchasing a shade you thought suits you only to find out it doesn’t. Continue reading


When planning a trip,an appropriate accommodation is usually a huge consideration because where you stay can either make or break a trip.

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Glory Galore

I made it a mission to get more loose-fitting pants and temporarily drift away from jeans which are my nom nom without compromising comfort. Continue reading

2 years 10 lessons

It has been two years since I clicked that publish button for the first time.Today  isn’t the exact blogiversary date but I didn’t really get the chance to celebrate it as well deserved because I was inundated with exams. I have decided to break down my  lessons learnt within my two years of blogging.

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Ultimate Impromptu Valentines :)

Just like this picture,I am guessing some if not all of you are not ready for valentines.Worry not,I am going to break down some impromptu ideas that could amp up your day cause you deserve it. Continue reading