Besides lazing around and pretty much playing catch up with Movies and forgotten series,I have been adding an influx of activities to carry out and keep my head rolling back into blogging. Thank you all for the patience and I must admit that It feels great to be back at it again with the white vans.Haha!

For some twisted reason,whenever I found myself donning this outfit,I always ended up quoting ”Purple Rain”.I have no idea who first mentioned it to me but I embraced it so much so that the first time I saw this emoji☔️ ☔️☔️  ,I knew it meant something other than the known “Purple Reign”phrase.Not so long ago we sadly lost the Legendary Prince.I can’t lie that I knew him or even heard his songs but after listening to his biography and all, it turned out that one of his hit songs was ”Purple rain”.That explained it all.

For me,Instead of getting inspired by the grey clouds hence having to dress dreary,I go for bright colours to lighten up my days.From the light drizzle to the downpour,this weather has made me play around with fashion and to be totally creative.

I took this turtleneck sweater from my mother a few years ago and we always found ourselves competing on who will wear it on this or this day until I once showed up at her work place with it and she went on saying ”You  know what?Keep it!Everyone has seen you in it now.It’s better they think I gave it to you than it being the other way around”.So yes!I basically stole this top from her,and might not stop any time soon.Hehe!So the turtleneck is definitely the current season-go-to-appropriate alongside beautiful coats,that cute scarf,you name them. Clearly,I have been taking advantage of my favourite booties exceedingly that I almost feel as if they will wear out soon and say to me ”No more Kash!No more”.

That said,It so happens to be a great friend’s birthday today so Happy Birthday Ken 🙂 do have a good one.

Thank you for reading:):)

Amazing PHOTOGRAPHY BY:Mykal_O_Brian

_DSC0284 (2)



IMG_9854 (2)





Top-Used to be Mothers

Jeggings-Worlds Business Centre (CBD)


17 responses to “PURPLE RAIN☔️

  1. personally i had missed all this…and I’m glad u back doing what u love doing☺☺

  2. Why thank you Allie..:) 🙂

  3. love this ❤

  4. Thank you dear

  5. grace gitonga


  6. I love it mama!! Definitely a Tribute to Prince ! 🙂

  7. I love it mama! Definitely a tribute to Prince himself.

  8. Thank you Hun.love yah

  9. Thank you mama..Hehe yah!Love yah

  10. Thank you Mother…:)

  11. Love it Love it!!! Nice piece right there. Looking radiant as usual. Keep it up Kash

  12. Thank you so much Fam…..

  13. Niice,,,:-):-):-)
    Purple has an eccentric feel;-)
    Keep going strong:-):-)

  14. Niice:-):-):-)
    Purple has this eccentric feel;-)
    Keep going on strong:-):-)

  15. awesome

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