Some styles today may seem to have revolved way beyond the ethics.The term faux is the new deal around,be it faux leather,faux locs,faux fur,you name it.To some the above picture simply looks cute but to others it may profoundly appear Ironical,I mean how can she say she loves dogs and other animals and yet go ahead to wear fur?

The faux Fur is a unique piece I have admired for quite some time now because of how effortlessly chic and somehow luxurious it looked.My view on wearing faux fur doesn’t mean I do not love animals.I do!The fact that it is faux only suggests that you don’t have to hurt animals to look great because it is not real fur.I once knew a vegan in Aga khan who always saw meat and immediately cringed away and I used to think she faked it and wondered who on earth hates meat that bad because I come from a family where meat is a divine delicacy. So now that the irresistibly fluffy faux fur is all over,what is your stand?Do you think that faking it is even worse than the real fur?Do you prefer the faux than the real deal?

That aside,Birthday month is finally here,whoop!whoop!So enjoy the best month of the year and have a Happy Madaraka Day!!

Thank you for reading!!

Photography by MYKAL_O_BRIAN









Faux Fur coat and Pants-Veteran House(cbd)

Top-Mr price

Shoes-backyard shoes (garden city mall)

Belt-Maasai Market


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