Viva Roma


Buongiorno!So after giving myself a month break,I am back in Nairobi from one of the most thrilling adventure escapes of this year in Italy.It is encouraging to see the weather here all  warmed up  and so what better way to start this new month than with  a quick outfit post.

Here is another delightfully  printed coat by Bonata designs that  I could not help but snap up one for my trip.I took it upon myself to carry some of my  African prints because I think it is incredible to have the locals over seas admire our African styles as much as we love theirs.I wore this outfit to my first ever Italian wedding in Sicily and if you follow me on snap chat,you saw how my aunt and I rocket our African style.Of late I have been having this aesthetic appreciation of beautiful coats and hence can not wait to grab more for myself.That said,be on the look out for more posts of my travel experience

Thank you for reading and I hope you all had a blissful day!!


Kash-6840 (2)




Kash-6851 (2)





Coat-@bonata (Intagram)

Faux leather pants-Worlds business centre(CBD)

Body suit Top-Mr Price

Shoes-Backyard shoes

8 responses to “Viva Roma

  1. You were missed beautiful…

  2. Yeeeey she is back..Welcome back and we missed your posts

  3. missed this lovely soul….its great ur back

  4. Your Style though??

  5. Aaaw you are a gem dear.I missed you more

  6. Hahaha yes yes…Thank you so much dear

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