Monthly Archives: September 2016

White Fright!


For the longest time,I actually dreaded white Pants and found them rather intimidating considering the fact that I sit just about anywhere and above all,was never wary of messy foods because,well,food is food.I think Foodies out there will feel me.   Continue reading

Drink Pink!!


This is me dipping my toes into the classic and so loved floral pants craze and enjoying the kisses from The Sun again.I hope you can tell how jazzed I am about this weather because we can finally don those breathable and light clothes for what it’s worth. Continue reading

One and Done



Hello and happy new month beautiful people!I hope you are all well because I have to say,that some of the feed backs  trickling in my inbox  just cheer me up and give me hope about  this blog so thank you to all who have walked with me this far. Continue reading