Drink Pink!!


This is me dipping my toes into the classic and so loved floral pants craze and enjoying the kisses from The Sun again.I hope you can tell how jazzed I am about this weather because we can finally don those breathable and light clothes for what it’s worth.

Here is an ultimate throw-on-and-go-to outfit post for a colour that always brought  the best aesthetic delight all through my childhood years.PINK!Its a colour I used to think,eat,drink and speak of because  my world only revolved around the glam hue.I have been pursuing floral pants  for a while so coming across these ones just made me believe they were made for me(Can we just thank God for sales!!) where I got them for  5€ which is roughly  ksh600/=.The swing top is thrifted  so throwing those white sneakers in the ensemble pretty much eased  the look into a completely effortless statement.I will probably reintroduce pink into my life because,why not? Anyway I do hope your day is going on well and a big shout out to Isaac Ndegwa of @perixel for such great pictures.

Thank you for reading.

Photography by Perixel












10 responses to “Drink Pink!!

  1. I love you style Kah

  2. Just stumbled across your blog girl.This is amazig work already a fan

  3. The pink really complements your skin tone.keep up girl!

  4. Aaaaw welcome aboard dearie.Asante sana

  5. That’s my besfrenn

  6. PIIINK!!
    So proud of you ma! best post so far!! looking lovely love 🙂

  7. Thank you so much my dear

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