Channeling Basics


Hello there!!I hope your new year got off to a great start and as we let it take its course,I hope we continue making memories instead of regrets.Welcome to my first 2017 post!!

Here is another lovely outfit update on favorite pieces that were exceedingly being featured last year on glossies all over and will patently be  pushed through this year in our markets.The off-shoulders and distressed jeans.Seeing how distressed jeans grew on us and became an integral part in the fashion world,I will not be surprised if the off-shoulders make their way up again to the list of sartorial priorities.Depending on how you accessorise,The off shoulders can serve as elegant,sophisticated or totally simple casual wears which is ridiculous and probably more so why we will see more of this trend this year.

If you know me then you know that being casual will never tire of when it comes to putting me together so I am always looking for outfits that channel my basics.A complete cue for my ”Uniform” if I may say.My rule of thumb when it comes to casual wear is to choose effortless yet comfortable staples that meet your every day-time standard and can be incorporated to suit your aesthetic when seasons change.

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Off-shoulder top-Mr price

Jeans-Thrift (Ngara)


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  1. So beautiful. ❤

  2. Love Love love hj

  3. beautiful niece

  4. You look so pretty Mukami

  5. Thank you so much Musyoka

  6. Haha still find it weird when you call me that..But thank you for the support

  7. Haha aaaw thank you Joan:)

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