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12-2Admittedly,there is no doubt that I am that dedicated and a loyal denim Fan.So I thought it was never too late to get my mitts on my first denim skirt.

It’s was a no-brainer for me to get one because they are all over guys,and my friend almost broke my heart when she asked me why I got something everyone has:(.I know sometimes when something is over done you end up feeling like it is lame to get it but in real sense you actually admire the trend.Of course you can wait for it is pass on for you to do with it but in my case,guys I have been  relishing the denim skirt trend for quite a while so don’t judge me.So depending on how you love indulging in denim outfits,you can decide to go on an extra denim mode and don your skirt with a denim jacket like I have with absolutely no regrets.Pure denim fever if I may call it.I can’t mention the number of times  I have landed myself in trouble for taking my mothers clothes but when she saw me pairing her top with this skirt,she stood there awed and started telling me how this was her style back in Uni.So in case you are reading this, is the top now mine mom?Haha!!

In other news,February is nigh and so if you are a fashion fanatic ready to seek inspiration in the fashion market,experience a runway show like no other and meet a lot of upcoming designers and wonderful new people,the Fashion Couture Affair welcomes you to their second Valetines Edition in style.It will be held on the 18th at Nairobi Railways Museum. Any Additional information on the event will be on the @fashionkillers254 page on Instagram.I hope to see some of you there:):)

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  1. I love this …. Awesome

  2. You look amazing

  3. Love thd outfit Kaaria:)

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