Dainty Pleasures


Hello there!I honestly feel like the last few days have been imprecise hence I gave my self time to get my inspiration back. Inarguably,the support I get from you guys keeps me enlivened and  I am thankful for your patience:)

Today I am featuring some beautiful Dainty accessories from Pryde_Art and EveMaya. Occasionally,I find myself taking as much time hunting for accessories  as I would when looking for glam outfits.It all comes down to how well you use them to set off your outfits in order to keep pace with all these upcoming trends.So I get a lot of my accessories from these two brands because their designs are not only adorning but they are pretty much affordable. I recommend you check them out and I am sure you won’t miss something inclining towards your kind of aesthetic!!

I will apprise you of my Phobia for close ups so until I overcome it,I will forever have my eyes closed in most of the shots haha!!Be inspired and thank you for stopping by:)








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Brass Rings-@Evemayadesigns


6 responses to “Dainty Pleasures

  1. Keep gon girl. Am really inspired.

  2. Beautiful girl?

  3. Kash you’re truly inspirational and your beauty transcends borders. Really proud of you.

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