Another girl’s treasure!

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Want a designer outfit?thrift it till you get it~Kash Kaaria

Instead of going to a fashion brand store to look for particular outfits,thrift shopping is the only time the clothes you never imagined getting but end up giving you the biggest thrill,find you.I am talking about getting actual designer outfits and bags you know would have costed you an arm and a leg for less than 200(2$) shillings.I haven’t thrifted for a while in view of the fact that I find it a daunting task when I am looking for something specific leading to scenarios where I have to cut through clutters of clothes to get what I want.

So I always set a date with my strategies ready and to avoid solitude,I often have my besties tag along when they are available.I went hunting the other day and delightfully scored so many beautiful outfits including the top I have donned in this post.The tag says It is an ELLE creation and I got it at 150(1.50$) in Mtindwa so I don’t know if it’s the real deal but for me,this is an example of another girl’s trash being another girl’s treasure;in this case,me:)I mixed and matched it with one of my favorite jeggings and Sandals to exude that casual vibe I love on a daily.I hope you all Stay inspired and have a lovely week:)Thank you for stopping by per usual:):):)





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Top-Thrift (Mtindwa)

Jeggings-Worlds Business Centre (CBD)






7 responses to “Another girl’s treasure!

  1. Thrifting is always the way to go????

  2. Lucy Mwangi

    I saw you at Thrift social looking so stunning❤️You are even prettier in person???Go Kash

  3. Haha!!Girl you know it..

  4. You are too kind..Thank you Lucy:)Next time do say hello

  5. You are beautiful indeed

  6. Brenda Wagecii

    Great Post Mukami

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