Code Red!


Hello!There..Well another beautiful week calls for a quick but great outfit post on a piece I have to admit I was hesitant to wear a while back.

Believe it or not,I once never had the zeal for bandage skirts,well-fitting dresses and the so loved body cons because I used to be petite and thus never wanted to accentuate some areas.Don’t get me wrong,I loved being tiny because back then,the bubbly dresses and baggy apparels never disappointed me.When it comes to styling,the rubric I live by is to go for flattering pieces,those that build my confidence and above all make me very comfortable.

Such fitting outfits hide nothing,so once you are aware of your problematic areas for instance in my case,I get mindful of my tummy after I eat so with this dress the cut out somehow will draw someones attention away from  my tummy..In short,details matter!!Ultimately,remember to have seamless undergarments ladies or if you opt for spanks the better because those bumps are a no!no!and are evidently not flattering at all.The good thing about such outfits is that they are all over so you won’t have a problem getting one that is made to fit true to your size.Full disclosure,I got this top and skirt(yes!worn as a dress)for only Ksh500.Total score or what?Have a wonderful week and ladies work those curves cause this is our month!!Stay inspired and thank you for stopping by:)












Top and skirt(worn as a dress)-Vendor in Buruburu



10 responses to “Code Red!

  1. Slaaay to the gods hunny?????Best

  2. Nicole Mathenge

    Looking so beautiful kash❤️Love the post

  3. Definitely Inspired ?I also don’t have that perfect flat tummy so i always hide mine.I am too lazy to go to the gym so what is your advice on that

  4. Beautiful just BEAUTIFUL ????????

  5. Nice stuff in here

  6. thanks for being a regular nicole

  7. laura..Thank you…Maybe trying detox and eating healthy?push ups and having a regular work out routine at home

  8. Good Work girl!Really proud of you

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