Navy Maybe?


It’s an events season and we all just want to dress up and look our uttermost  best,so I am keeping it minimal but chic on this one.Here is a feature on the outfit I donned during  the Thrift social.

For me,this was my first case of having no Idea on what I would wear for this day so It took me up to 3 days to settle down for this–no kidding.An outfit for me is an arguable win when I try it on and it immediately strikes a chord in me so I won’t go looking for anything else.I however tried on it’s red version(which I looooved and might be crazy to go back for …JK)but the lady there muttered “navy maybe?”.For a second I thought maybe I should deviate not to far from my normal red craze and try it but before I did,I was hesitant because navy is not a colour I get drawn to but it left me in awe.For sure my Kimono had to be on mandatory repeat for this look to add on its vibrant colour after I styled it once with my dress  in (THIS POST).Ultimately,with the perfect fit and when  properly styled,the versatile piece can execute a classy,chic and polished look depending on what you are going for.I am definitely looking forward to transitioning it into the cold season which is already lurking.

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18 copy


10 copy



6 copy (1)

11 copy


Jump Suit-World’s Business centre





6 responses to “Navy Maybe?

  1. First one here.Damn this is so classy!I loves this look

  2. Brenda Wagecii

    I love your blog.Keep it up Kaaria and this look killed it

  3. Thank you Cynthia:))

  4. Aaaaw Thank you for being a regular Brenda

  5. Love this post and Love you Mukami

  6. awesome look ….indeed it is

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