Boho chic!


Of late,I have made it a mission to atleast acquire and utilize versatile pieces to re-image any look I want to explore and hence make it an integral piece when it comes to styling.I am channeling the boho chic on this one.Admittedly,I have always had an affinity for boheiman outfits because of how comfortable and free they look and the Ideal factor is how the calm prints always make me want to bundle them up in my closet and don everyday during such hot seasons.Case in the point,this Boho dress from LC WAIKIKI gave me sweet thrills and I got it on sale.Score!I blended the beautiful piece with my ultimate casual vibe style by pairing it with my go-to denim jacket and sneakers.When trying out trends,I always prefer bringing in my own style so that I don’t only feel good about being on fashion but I also appreciate the fact that I added my own touch to elevate my look.

On other news,we have been nominated in The BAKE AWARDS this year under BEST NEW BLOG!!I am honestly so grateful to all of you who took the time to nominate this blog because we started this a year ago with no exposure and we are growing together and walking through this journey well so far.It will mean a lot to me if you also vote for this blog (CLICK HERE) and keep sharing.

Thank you so much for the support and keep getting inspired:))






Boho Dress-LC WAIKIKI (Two rivers mall)

Denim Jacket-Old Navy



3 responses to “Boho chic!

  1. Kendy Wairimu

    I loove this look

  2. Benard Kimotho

    You are so beautiful

  3. Chemutai Kemunto

    I hope you win..Already voted

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