Strike A Balance


Have you ever experienced a spasm of admiration when you see someone rock a piece you have forever wanted to try on but start to wonder how you can pull it off?

This is how I honestly felt when I saw the retro crochet tops and bottoms making a come back and this time with very subtle patterns.I have been very experimental lately with my style choices so coming out of my comfort zone and trying out new styles is something I am really enjoying.It has been very hot in Nairobi for the past weeks and we have seen so many Crochet tops styled differently to the major events we have had here.It’s versatility is far-fetched and I can’t begin to tell you how it suites all styles.The minute you learn how to strike a balance in making bold fashion choices is the time you start embracing trends meant to evoke attention and incorporating them into your kind of taste.My maxi skirt makes the look seem conservative yet quite not,so it’s all about trying out new things and having fun while at it.

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Ohotography by Mykal_O_Brian








Crochet Top-@Bohochic_ke

Skirt-Mr price

Boots-Thrifted (KU)






8 responses to “Strike A Balance

  1. Oh Mukami, Gorgeous!??

  2. Joel Wachira

    You are so damn pretty ma’

  3. I love this side of you.

  4. Breathtaking you gorgeous being ❤

  5. Aaaaw thank you mama

  6. Hahaha thank you dear

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