Go Camo!

8E36478A-C90B-4DB5-85B0-2442033E8C4CHappy new Month!It has been a while and I am so sorry for neglecting the blog  but I am really trying to balance it all.This post has taken me forever haha but let’s get on with it.

It’s actually getting ridiculous how everything is so Camo as you riffle through social media and I happen to find myself in the grips of this craze.I wore this in the Camoflouge edition of Thrift Social and I happened to be the only one in a Camo Maxi skirt.I knew most people would don the classic Camo jacket or the pants so I decided to switch things up and go for a maxi skirt.I was bold to follow my personal style on this one  and actually had my Camo tailored by a good friend.When you have a themed event,I have learnt to keep tabs on the fashion industry and know how majority will  don the given outfit then I go for what suites my style.So if you can create your unique new look, everyone will have something to say because you will be distinct,whether they say something positive or negative,learn how to step out of your sartorial timidity and rock your look with pride.

Thank you For stopping by:)

Photography by Mykal O Brian5BB6C74A-A769-42A5-992F-B108C38D5579





Top-Mr price

CAMO maxi Skirt-@kenyanlifestyle

Gladiator Sandals-Thrifted

Clutch-Moms'( haha)

2 responses to “Go Camo!

  1. Lucy muthoni

    I looove that maxi.WOW!you look absolutely stunning

  2. Lucy muthoni

    You inspire me Mukami

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