Au Courant


I am ditching my regular Pants and tights on this one and diving right into the year-round appealing thigh high and shirt dresses bandwagon craze.Inherently,the thigh high boots without a doubt attracts glances because they effortlessly make any ensemble cut a fine figure.If I could speak for everyone who has ever donned such elegant thigh high boots,I wouldn’t be lying if I said they make you feel like you can rule the world if you are given the chance.The look is pretty much replicable and anyone can pull it off,once you are au courant with how to style this particular trend,the challenge comes down to how confidently you embrace the look.”You need to sell it”!Haha they say.

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Shirt dress-LC Waikiki (Two rivers)

Velvet Thigh high boots-@backyardshoez (IG)

Hat-Local vendor in the CBD




14 responses to “Au Courant

  1. Yasssss Mamacita keep slaying the whole world ❤️

  2. Hata sijasoma post babe?
    You’re so?????

  3. Grace Gitonga

    That’s pretty cool! Worth a trial??

  4. Kairitu you never disappoint!

  5. I looooooooove this.The boots the side look and you??this is so lovely

  6. I love this.The boots the side look and you??this is so lovely

  7. Best post this month??You look amazing kash

  8. Eish ?? This is a winner!

  9. Thank you Cousin..:)

  10. Thank you Kinoti..Expect more

  11. Haha But how can I?Thank You Kijoh

  12. Thank you for all the support mom.I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.I love You

  13. Haha why am I not surprised.Thanks Love<3<3

  14. Thank you Mamacita.Love you

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