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2016 Roundup:)


Sending biiig waving arms of Hello your way as you prepare to effusively say goodbye to this year.As I blow away the cobwebs of silence here,I do hope you all had a Jolly season:)
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I decided to do this post alone because visiting Sicily transformed my holiday escapade into another unforgettable adventure.  Continue reading

Italian Days

I have been trying to get my ducks in a row by focusing on how I  can best relive my Italian days here on my blog.I also want to share with you guys  all the beautiful ingredients to one of the most unforgettable experiences that I will ruminate on through the coming years. Continue reading

Viva Roma


Buongiorno!So after giving myself a month break,I am back in Nairobi from one of the most thrilling adventure escapes of this year in Italy.It is encouraging to see the weather here all  warmed up  and so what better way to start this new month than with  a quick outfit post. Continue reading



“Cheers to salty beach hair,tan skin,flip-flops and sandy toes” -Author Unknown

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